Unleash your monday.com formulas

Break free of the formula column!

Easier to write formulas

Breaking free of the Formula column offers numerous advantages.

You can create formulas that write to all types of columns, including the item name

Whether they are checkbox, country, date, dropdown, email, hour, link, location, long text, number, people, phone, rating, status, tags, text, timeline, week or work clock columns, Advanced Formula Booster formulas can read (to include them in a calculation) and modify them. They can also read and modify the item name.

You can use as many lines as you want (up to 100)

You no longer need to nest functions to fit your formula into a single instruction. Use multiple lines to make your formula easy to read and modify.

You can also utilize variables!

Assign a value or a calculation to a variable and use it anywhere in the formula.

You can take advantage of many functions unknown to the formula column 

We added many functions we believe are essential, like an Age function. And we plan on adding more…

All this in a user-friendly editor

The design of formulas occurs within our App Center, which provides a dedicated environment crafted precisely for this task.

One formula can modify multiple columns

A formula can update multiple columns!

As a consequence, you will significantly reduce the number of automations and declutter your board automation screen. If you have experience with automations, you know how challenging they can be to manage when there are too many.

A formula can read or update columns from other rows!

You can read or update columns from:

  • the previous item,
  • the next item,
  • the sub-items,
  • the parent item,
  • items from the same group,
  • items from the same board,
  • items from other boards.

Easier troubleshooting

Your syntax is incorrect? Fear not!

When your syntax is incorrect, the formula editor displays useful information to help you find the cause of the problem.

You can tests your formulas without affecting your board data.

Simply pick the board item you want to test your formula against and you will see the results directly in the Formula Editor page. Without impact on the actual item of your monday.com board.

We provide a 30-day log of all formula runs. If your formula is not producing the expected result in your monday.com environment, you can quickly identify the problem.

Total control over who can edit formulas

Formulas are only editable through our App Center.

monday.com users

Feel free to add as many monday.com users as you would like to the App Center. However, it is only necessary to include those users whom you wish to grant the ability to edit formulas. Those you do not add will still be able to run formulas, simply not edit them.

External users

Additionally, we have made it easy to add external users, such as consultants, without granting them access to your account.


  • Admin users have access to all formulas. They can edit and delete them.
  • By default, Standard users can only view, edit and delete their own formulas.

How to get started

On how to get started, please see our How to get started video.

Documentation Center

For detailed information, explanation of the concepts, screenshots and videos, please visit our documentation center.


Examples - Case Studies

For real case studies, visit our blog.


Online Support

Although we have put in significant effort to design an exceptional product, we recognize that you might encounter roadblocks. In such cases, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our in-app ticket system, conveniently accessible from within the App Center.

We offer support in English , French and Spanish .